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Goverter generates boilerplate code for you to convert types to other types. This can be useful if you have types representing similar data. Use-Cases can be:

Converting between database and API types

Sometimes you have different database and API types because they are:

Given any of these reasons it may be useful to generate the conversion via goverter because it validates that all fields are mapped and reduces the need for manually converting these types.

Converting between API versions

When you have to support older API version you could structure you app so it always uses the latest api types and then convert the latest api types to older api types via Goverter. The types may have a lot of similarities and therefore, goverter should be able to automatically convert most of the types.

Deep copy instances

Goverter allows you to deep copy types by defining a conversion where the source and target type is the same. This is useful when you want to adjust a copy of a instance without affecting the source instance.

This can be done at runtime with a library like but using generated code will be much faster and you'll have a compile-time guarantee that the types can be coverted.