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Generation ‚Äč

Here is a broad non exhaustive outline what goverter does. Goverter tries to simplify until there are primitive types to then copy by value.


  • CS current source type
  • CT current target type
  • NS next source type
  • NT next target type

generate(CS, CT):

  1. if extend method exists func(CS) CT:
    • use it
    • method generation finished
  2. if useUnderlyingTypeMethods is enabled:
    • and if extend method exists for a underlying type
      • use it
      • method generation finished
  3. if skipCopySameType is enabled and CS==CT:
    • use source value
    • method generation finished
  4. CS is primitive and CT is primitive and CS=CT
    • copy source value
    • method generation finished
  5. CS is *NS and CT is *NT:
    • check for nil and generate(NS, NT)
  6. CS is not a pointer and CT is *NT:
    • get pointer of generate(CS, NT)
  7. if CS is *NS and CT is not pointer and useZeroValueOnPointerInconsistency is enabled:
    • if CS is nil: use zero value of CT otherwise: generate(NS, CT)
  8. CS is []NS and CT is []NT
    • iterate over the slice
      • convert slice item: generate(NS, NT)
  9. CS is map[Key-NS]Value-NS and CT is map[Key-NS]Value-NT
    • iterate over the map
      • convert the key: generate(Key-NS, KEY-NT)
      • convert the value: generate(Value-NS, Value-NT)
  10. CS is struct and CT is struct:
    • for each TargetField(TF) in CT:
      • if TF is ignored
        • skip
      • if TF is unaccessible and ignoreUnexported is not enabled:
        • error: cannot use unexported types
      • get SourceField(SF)
        • from map if defined
        • otherwise:
          • try to find field with same name from CS
          • try to find field in paths defined in autoMap
          • field matching is case insensitive if matchIgnoreCase is enabled)
      • if SF is a method on CS:
        • call SF
      • if mapping method MF is defined
        • execute MF(SF) MappingTarget
        • ensure MappingTarget == typeof TF
      • else generate(SF) TF
  11. error: CS cannot be automatically converted to CT.