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Setting: useZeroValueOnPointerInconsistency ‚Äč

useZeroValueOnPointerInconsistency [yes,no] is a boolean setting and can be defined as CLI argument, conversion comment or method comment. This setting is inheritable.

By default, goverter cannot automatically convert *T to T because it's unclear how nil should be handled. T in this example can be any type.

Enable useZeroValueOnPointerInconsistency to instruct goverter to use the zero value of T when having the problem above. See zero values | Go docs

package example

// goverter:converter
type Converter interface {
	// goverter:useZeroValueOnPointerInconsistency
	Convert(source Input) Output

type Input struct {
	Name *string
	Age  int

type Output struct {
	Name string
	Age  int
// Code generated by, DO NOT EDIT.
//go:build !goverter

package generated

import usezerovalueonpointerinconsistency ""

type ConverterImpl struct{}

func (c *ConverterImpl) Convert(source usezerovalueonpointerinconsistency.Input) usezerovalueonpointerinconsistency.Output {
	var exampleOutput usezerovalueonpointerinconsistency.Output
	if source.Name != nil {
		exampleOutput.Name = *source.Name
	exampleOutput.Age = source.Age
	return exampleOutput