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v0.x.x to v1.0.x

Removed goverter:mapExtend

goverter:mapExtend FIELD METHOD can be migrated to goverter:map . FIELD | METHOD

Removed goverter:mapIdentity

goverter:mapIdentity FIELD can be migrated to goverter:map . FIELD


The CLI now requires a command, currently there is only the gen generate command. Furthermore, flags refactored and now have a the same names as the converter comments.

Old Call

$ goverter -wrapErrors -ignoreUnexportedFields

New Call

$ goverter gen -g wrapErrors -g ignoreUnexported

Full flag changes

-wrapErrors-g wrapErrors
-matchFieldsIgnoreCase-g matchIgnoreCase
-extend Method1,package/path:Method2-g 'extend Method1 package/path:Method2'
-extend Method1,package/path:Method2-g 'extend Method1' -g 'extend package/path:Method2'
-ignoreUnexportedFields-g ignoreUnexported
-output PATH-g 'output:file FILE' (NOT RECOMMENDED) See output
-packageName NAME-g 'output:package :NAME' (NOT RECOMMENDED) See output
-packagePath PATH-g 'output:package PATH' (NOT RECOMMENDED) See output
-packagePath PATH -packageName NAME-g 'output:package PATH:NAME' (NOT RECOMMENDED) See output

The handling of output was changed, it is now relative to the converter interface. If you want to create the file relative to the current working directory use @cwd/ at the start of the output path. See output.